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    Here at Infosuccess3D we belive that small/medium businesses
    are like stars when the weather is cloudly they are
    there and shining in their own special way but they are
    concealed from the clouds.What we try to do here
    is to remove the clouds and make your business visible
    in the whole world.
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Welcome To Infosuccess3d

Infosuccess3D is a software development firm specializing in 3D virtualization solutions and e-commerce applications.
More specifically Infosuccess3D operates in four fields of virtual reality, simulations, computer games, Web Development,
software development, and Mobile Applications. Our Core focus is on delivering high tech solutions such as virtual reality
applications for hotels and other businesses where we replicate the customer’s site in the form of a virtual world allowing
users to access the business online.

Core Services:

  • Virtual reality solutions
  • Mobile Applications for advertisement or mobile-commerce
  • Web Sites / for advertisement or e-commerce
  • Social media management
  • SEO – search engine optimization

Infosuccess 3D also offers complete IT solutions. Creating a complete IT solution can help your business
to join the global trade.
In today’s world a website is not enough, a complete advertisement/e-commerce solution is need it.

What is a complete Solution?

  • Website
  • Mobile Application (Android, IPhone , Blackberry , Windows Phone )
  • Social Media Page(Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linked In)
  • Video Advertisement ( YouTube)
  • Location Services (Google Maps , Bing)
  • SEO (search engine optimization) services - Improves your ranking in Google
  • Company e-mail
  • Online Chat Service for your customers
  • Click to Call service – Your customers will be able to call you for free

Why you need a complete solution?

At Infosuccess 3d we have a saying; “Small or medium business are like stars, when the sky has
clouds they’re still there and they’re still shining, but nobody can see them because of the clouds
.What we want to do here at infosuccess3d is to remove the clouds for you and make your business
visible by everyone.

You can use a complete solution as a strategic weapon or as a survival tool. For example if you are a
local store that sells clothing, you are probably aware that a big percentage of people order cloths
online, that makes your local business compete with all big business in the market. It’s not
impossible to compete since many people will prefer locally produced products. If you use a
complete solution and go online, they may pick your store over others. You can present your work
and find new buyers and new opportunity on the web. Don’t forget all the big businesses where
small one’s once. Your business will be up on ebay, amazon and even to local sites such as scroutz.
Such trade is called Global trade and because we said complete solution we can even offer you
legal advice or write your term and conditions for you.
Join Global trade now and make your store available to millions of users.

Step 1

First we collect the initial requirements.Also we will help to identify any hidden requirements to improve your business or in case you don't know how the IT can assist you we can make few suggestions for improving your business throw IT.Please note that Infosuccess3D is preferring to use Agile methodologies over Prince 2 , but Prince 2 can be used after customer request.

Step 2
Implementation Iterations

After we capture the initial requirements we will start implementing your program , throw design and implementation iterations. That means that we will design feature of your solution and then directly implement it (Agile approach).After every part of the implementation you will be able to check if this is what you expected and also to add new exiting feature that were invisible at the beginning but now you see the need for them.

Step 3
Integrating & testing

In this step we will integrate all your solutions and make a final check against the requirement.You can also present the site to your associates to help us with the testing. In the beginning of this step your product will be already in its alpha version.

Step 4
Support& Updating

Infosuccess3d will support your product for at least 12 months, also it will patch your solution if a bug is discover.Additionally Infosuccess3d can add additional features in your product for a additional cost.